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The Medicine

The most powerful medicine is usually hard to swallow. In the shamanic traditions it is known that the medicine that will cure you is borne of the poison that ails you. The transmutation of one to the other is the process of healing which requires the inner courage and journey of the true Hero. Medicines…

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The Fertile Soil of Sharing

Today is International Womens’ Day and I’ve been reflecting on the many things that one could say about womanhood, or about men-and-women at this moment in history. There is so much to be said about the powerful feminine archetypes that are now working through our society (both light and shadow aspects). Yet I’m going to…

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Nurturing Hope

All of our virtues, all of the things that keep us afloat, ebb and flow in this life. The tides move in and out, the seasons circle around, night looms, morning follows. Hope comes and goes as do the things that nourish it. The Buddhist teachings remind us that the shadow side of Hope, or…

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