You might have noticed it’s been quite a while since I last shared a post here or on Instagram or Facebook. The past week or so a few people have asked about this, so I thought I’d just share a quick update.

I have been increasingly moved the past six or so months to spend more time on retreat and more time in quiet reflection in the stillness of nature. This has meant less sharing outwardly for a while, while I deepen my inner resources and focus. That has meant less often sharing a photo or cartoon, even if I’ve found it inspiring or uplifting, less often posting a thought or quotation – because the gold that’s required right now is the grain-by-grain gathering of my own inner attention.

Our day-to-day lives are full of so many demands and temptations that it has felt at times almost like some secret indulgence to be with myself more, enjoying beautiful discoveries in nature, or moments of deeper realisation in contemplation, without then passing them on. (Though why do we feel so odd about enjoying Our-Selves?)

What are we cultivating when we are our own and only audience? Real ‘mind-fullness’ might be the magic answer. The difficulty in this can be the little voice that can arise and tell us we no longer exist at all when we exist unseen or that we should always be ‘doing’ and not merely ‘being’. The trick is to realise the worth and gravity of the part of You that continues to bear witness when you are fully with yourself and each moment. It’s that You who is so importantly growing while you are in the cocoon with no-one to hold your hand but Grace, and your own courageous self. 

I trust I’ll be back sharing photos and thoughts in good time, when my inner guidance whispers ‘now’. Meanwhile, here in Australia we’re moving slowly towards midwinter, and rapidly towards a national election day. It’s a time both for internal reflection and fruitful outward action.

Indeed, the more time I spend in silence with dear Nature, it becomes clear how true and urgent our purpose in being at One with Her, and stepping up to protect Her becomes. We and our Earth (and each other) are one system, one heartbeat, one life-force, and it seems that much of what ails us both in our everyday psychology, and our collective politics, is our disconnect from the very stuff of life – our bodies, our agricultural and ecological systems, our most basic and humble relationships with each other. We cannot heal our own bodies, minds and souls, our communities, or our planet without first being deep within each of those systems bearing witness, paying full and close attention until we are really better able to act from a place of resonance and alive mindfulness. Remember…what is within one is within the whole. Nothing is wasted wherever you are if you are there with full compassionate presence.

I hope you’ll join me in that deep collective attention, within and without. The time for maturing and ripening into who we really are is upon each of us.  I look forward to sharing more and connecting more again soon.

With gratitude,

Emma 🌿🙂

Photo credit: Egor Iskrenkov via Unsplash