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We All Are

I’m working with a lot of people knocked down by illness, or struggling with the confrontations of mid or late-life right now. These have been issues I’ve also had to reflect on and learn from in recent years. There are periods in our lives of letting go (even as new things are gained) where the…

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Holding Peace

Since my last post in January I’ve been practising ‘holding my peace’. There are many of you who probably don’t so much need to practice this at present – indeed for some of you, speaking out and expressing yourselves more might be a very good thing at a certain point in development. So this post…

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Happy New Now

I know you’re all aware that the turning of a calendar year, the mere ticking over of a clock, doesn’t necessarily¬†mean that our lives, or the happenings around us, are suddenly about to take on a different sheen or fundamentally change. Yes – it’s a good reminder, a great opportunity, to reflect on what has…

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