Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling

I offer spiritual counselling, based on a holistic, “interfaith” approach and drawing on a range of spiritual traditions, both in person in Brisbane, and online.

I utilise a holistic, ‘interfaith’ approach which is respectful of the many paths and ways in which we all walk the path towards truth and healing. I have studied and practiced within Christian, Buddhist, Yoga, Sufi and other traditions. I am comfortable working with clients from different spiritual and cultural backgrounds in a respectful and informed way.

What is spiritual counselling?

Spiritual work draws on the universal wisdoms of all spiritual traditions to help uncover one’s relationship to deeper truths within. These wisdoms can help release us from fear-based modes of functioning and into our higher selves.

Spiritual counselling may include suggestions on further resources and may incorporate practices such as:
  • Meditations drawn from a wide array of traditions
  • Ritual & Prayer
  • Expressive therapies such as art therapy, nature-based therapies, and writing practices
  • Spiritual reflection and conversation
These practices are ultimately aimed to help you facilitate the capacity to draw on your own deepest wisdom. I have studied within many different traditions and our work will always be informed by your interests and unique journey.

Why seek spiritual counselling?

Many people choose to engage in counselling with a spiritual dimension for self-development and life direction. It is also a helpful approach with grief and loss issues or when adjusting to major unexpected life events and life-stage issues.

People attend spiritual counselling or ‘direction’ for many reasons including:
  • To work through past ruptures in their spiritual life (sometimes including previous negative experiences of religion or spirituality)
  • To deepen their relationship with their own inner world, spirituality and creativity
  • To expand their repertoire of spiritual practices
  • For guidance as they navigate times such as ‘the dark night’ or spiritual crisis
  • To explore spiritual aspects of meaning at difficult times such as when a loved one dies or there has been a major loss or change in life circumstances

If you are attending clinical psychology sessions you may wish to incorporate a spiritual perspective. Many people prefer to work within traditional psychological or humanistic models where there is also a rich resource of philosophical, literary and scientific tradition to work with.  


If you are attending for personal development rather than for significant mental health issues Medicare rates do not usually apply, and such sessions are usually charged at a lower fee than clinical psychology sessions and can sometimes be negotiated depending on circumstances such as full-time study. 

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