Therapy and coaching can help us better understand ourselves and make positive and productive changes in our lives.

I work with people with a wide range of concerns including depression, anxiety, grief and loss issues, self-esteem/confidence, and relationship problems. I also work with people who have a general interest in personal and career transformation. Sessions are available in-person or in an online-space.

Therapy and coaching can give us the insights and tools to grow into our most empowered and full selves. I endeavour to offer a relaxed, creative and connected space which also establishes trust and safety.

In my sessions I aim to foster:
  • Trust, self-knowledge, and balance
  • Creativity and embodiment
  • Motivation and direction
  • Compassion and interconnection
  • Insight and specific tools
  • Vision and future direction

Our work together might focus on one or several of the areas listed below:

People seek therapy and counselling from a Clinical Psychologist for a number of reasons including emotional and mental health concerns, work or relationship issues, as well as the desire for personal growth. I adopt an integrative approach drawing on a range of therapeutic modalities and emphasising a focus on opening up to greater self-awareness and personal potential.

Our relationships can be a significant source of support and joy in our lives...and when difficulties arise, can also be a significant cause of personal distress. Addressing relationship concerns can be an incredibly powerful way of improving both individual and couple wellbeing. Joint sessions with significant others can be transformational in their capacity to help us better understand our own patterns of communication and relating, as well as helping us better understand both our anxieties as well as our true needs.

Many people choose to engage in counselling with a spiritual dimension for self-development and life direction. It is also a helpful approach with grief and loss issues.

I utilise a holistic, ‘interfaith’ approach which is respectful of the many paths and ways in which we all walk the path towards truth and healing. I have studied and practiced within Christian, Buddhist, Yoga, Sufi, and other traditions. I am comfortable working with clients from different spiritual and cultural backgrounds in a respectful and informed way.

Meditation helps calm the mind and body. Through meditation we can learn how to better 'ground', centre, and manage difficult emotional responses and situations, and we can reduce the unnecessary wear and tear on our bodies that are caused by stress, or by past trauma.

We are increasingly aware of the benefits of meditation practice yet many people find meditation practice confusing or difficult, and struggle to know where to begin. I am a qualified meditation teacher with a long history of practising meditation across a number of traditions.

All services are available both online and in person, including clinical psychology, relationship counselling, holistic life coaching, spiritual direction, and meditation coaching. Sessions are held via confidential and encrypted video platforms, so that we can work together wherever you are.

I provide Psychology Board approved supervision for those undertaking the Clinical Registrar program and for those students completing their 5+1 Generalist Psychology training. I also provide ongoing professional supervision, particularly for those with an interest in mind-body work or wanting to work in holistic and integrative ways.

A significant Medicare rebate is available when you are referred by your GP under a Mental Health Care Plan or for Pregnancy Support Counselling. Private Health Fund rebates may also be available via your private health care fund.