Therapy can help us better understand ourselves and make positive and productive changes in our lives.

I work with people with a wide range of concerns including depression, anxiety, grief and loss issues, self-esteem/confidence, and relationship problems. I also work with people who have a general interest in personal or psychospiritual development. Sessions are available in-person or in an online-space.

There can be times in our lives when we feel unable to free ourselves of old patterns or destructive habits and talking with another person can provide new insights and tools. Many people also often seek out therapy for personal development, when there is a sense that they are ready to unfold in new ways but are not quite sure how to shift or what their next step might be. 

Therapy and counselling can give us the insights and tools to grow into our fuller, truer, and happier selves. I endeavour to offer a relaxed, creative and connected space which also establishes trust and safety.

In my sessions I aim to foster:

  • Trust and genuineness
  • Creativity
  • Motivation
  • Compassion
  • Insight and specific tools
  • Vision and future direction

Our work together might focus on one or several of the areas listed below:

Clinical Psychology

In my role as Clinical Psychologist people generally come to see me for treatment of common issues such as depression, anxiety, panic, stress, and relationship issues. If you are experiencing significant concerns in any area of mental health you may be eligible for a referral from your GP to see me, and this would also entitle you to a significant Medicare rebate for our sessions. I adopt an integrative approach and have trained in psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioural, mindfulness-based, and acceptance and commitment therapies (as well as others). I have a particular interest in holistic mind-body psychology and helping clients create flourishing and authentic lives. Each person tends to work best with a unique approach tailored to them, and this is something that we would discuss upon first meeting. As a Clinical Psychologist I work with adults across the life span and with couples. (Please note that I do not generally provide assessments or medico-legal reports for the purposes of  third-party insurance matters, medical, or legal issues). 

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Spiritual Counselling/Direction
Many people choose to engage in counselling with a spiritual dimension for self-development and life direction. It is also a helpful approach with grief and loss issues. If you are attending clinical psychology sessions you may also wish to include a spiritual layer to the work. Spiritual work draws on the universal wisdoms of all spiritual traditions to help uncover one's relationship to deeper truths within. These wisdoms can help release us from fear-based modes of functioning and into our higher selves. I have studied and practiced within Christian, Buddhist, Yoga, Sufi and other traditions. I am comfortable working with clients from different spiritual and cultural backgrounds in a respectful and informed way. Where Medicare rates do not apply, these sessions are usually charged at a lower fee than clinical psychology sessions. I am happy to work both with individuals and couples at a spiritual level.

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Meditation Teaching
We are increasingly aware of the benefits of meditation practice yet many people find meditation practice confusing or difficult, and struggle to know where to begin. I am a qualified meditation teacher with a long history of practising meditation across a number of traditions. I have trained as a meditation teacher within the mindfulness field and have run mindfulness-based meditation groups. Meditation and mindfulness skills may be one aspect of our psychology or counselling work together or you may wish to focus more deeply on developing your meditation practice.

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I provide Psychology Board approved supervision for those undertaking the Clinical Registrar program and for those students completing their 5+1 Generalist Psychology training. I also provide ongoing professional supervision, particularly for those with an interest in mind-body work or wanting to work in holistic and integrative ways.

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A significant Medicare rebate is available when you are referred by your GP under a Mental Health Care Plan or for Pregnancy Support Counselling. Private Health Fund rebates may also be available via your private health care fund.