Why seek relationship counselling?

Research suggests that a significant majority of people seeking treatment for emotional distress and counselling are struggling with relationship difficulties.

Relationship conflict and distress can have a huge impact on our wellbeing and capacity to cope and as such, addressing relationship concerns can be an incredibly powerful way of alleviating emotional concerns and life stresses. Joint sessions with significant others (be they a partner or a family member) can be transformation in their capacity to help us better understand our own patterns of communication and relating, as well as lifting a lid on some of our underlying anxieties, but also our unrecognised needs and strengths.

I have trained across several models of relationship counselling including Gottman, EFT (emotionally-focussed therapy) and psychodynamic models and tend to tailor an integrative approach to each couple.

What relationship problems can counselling help with?

Common issues people bring to relationship counselling are:
  • Everyday conflict and communication problems
  • Where there is mental or physical illness or disability impacting one or both of the partners
  • Disagreements over parenting
  • Financial stress and different financial goals or beliefs
  • Where there has been betrayal or significant rupture to the relationship
  • Major life decisions such as marriage, buying of a home, life changes, pending separation
  • To enhance an already stable relationship and optimise personal development


I offer relationship counselling – sometimes also known as couples counselling or marriage counselling – to individuals, couples and families, in person in Brisbane, Australia as well as online.

Joint sessions run for 90 minutes and fees are $375 for initial joint consultations and $350 for joint follow-up appointments. The fee for any associated individual appointments is $225 per 50-55 minute session. Couples sessions are not eligible for a Medicare rebate, however some private health funds do cover them - check with your provider.

To book an online or in-person appointment with me, please get in touch via our contact page.