Meditation Coaching

Meditation Coaching

Dr. Emma Harley offers meditation coaching both online and from her office in Brisbane, Australia.

Why meditate?

The benefits of meditation are primarily twofold:

First, it helps calm the mind and calm the body. This relaxation response has enormous benefits in terms of physical health, emotional regulation and wellbeing, and mental clarity. Through meditation we can learn how to better ‘ground’, centre, and manage difficult emotional responses and situations, and we can reduce the uncecessary wear and tear on our bodies that are causd by stress, or by past trauma.

Second, meditiation draws us closer towards ourselves in ways we have not yet known ourselves before. It is a process of attunement where we better come to know ourselves – the many layers of thinking and feeling, the often unrealised needs and goals, and a richer creative and imaginative life. This second aspect of meditation has traditionally been termed ‘insight’ (‘Know Thyself’) and is a core aspect of spiritual and psychological growth.

What a meditation coach can offer

We are increasingly aware of the benefits of meditation practice yet many people find meditation practice confusing or difficult, and struggle to know where to begin.

I am a qualified meditation teacher with a long history of practising meditation across a number of traditions. I have trained as a meditation teacher within the mindfulness field and have run mindfulness-based meditation groups. Meditation and mindfulness skills may be one aspect of our psychology or counselling work together or you may wish to focus more deeply on developing your meditation practice.

Meditation coaching works best when it can be tailored not only to your presenting concerns or struggles but also to your unique personality and way of learning. Meditation teaching also works surprisingly well in an online setting.

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To book an online or in-person meditation coaching appointment with Dr. Emma Harley, please get in touch via our contact page.