Online counselling is becoming a more familiar way of meeting with people and working together and works well for one-to-one sessions. Sometimes the demands of work, family, or distance make it a more timely option than meeting in my rooms. The current COVID-19 crisis has made it even more timely to be able to meet online for all of the same reasons we would usually meet in person. 

Please note that I am happy to offer my regular services now online for all of my clients.

Services offered

I offer all my services, both online and in person, including:

How does it work?

I use Zoom videoconferencing, which is a secure and private platform which also provides a very good real-time connection and sense of ‘being in the room together’. You can use Zoom from within your web browser, and do not have to download special software. It's as easy as clicking on an email link and making yourself comfortable at home for our session.


If you live in an eligible rural or remote area you will be able to claim a Medicare rebate for online sessions, with an appropriate referral from your GP. If you meet any of the following criteria, during the COVID-19 crisis you'll also be eligible to have your sessions covered by Medicare:

  • Anyone who has had to isolate themselves due to contact with anyone with a suspected (or confirmed) case of coronavirus over the past 2 weeks or anyone who has over the past month visited any countries which Australia has identified as high risk (currently Mainland China, Iran, Italy, South Korea)
  • Clients aged 70 years or older 
  • Aboriginal or Torres Straight clients aged 50 years or older
  • Pregnant clients
  • Clients who are parents of a child under 12 months
  • Clients already in treatment for chronic health conditions or clients who are immune-compromised

If you have a mental health care plan and would like to meet online but do not meet the above criteria you would need to still meet face-to-face to receive a Medicare rebate, or pay privately if you'd rather meet online. Please enquire further if you'd like to clarify fees at this time as the Medicare situation continues to evolve and it can be a little confusing. 

To book

To book an online appointment or talk further with me, please get in touch via my contact page.