Developing and embodying clarity of thought, emotional empowerment, and discernment in direction.



As Joseph Campbell said, what the world most needs (and I believe this more than ever) is fully-vitalised human beings. That means each of us living in a way that brings us most alive. Coaching is focussed on value-adding and growing you as a resource in your life. You may want to better understand and flourish at work, in your relationships, or with your health. Coaching is a less clinically focussed way of deepening your understanding of yourself holistically as a person, and incorporating your personal, professional, spiritual, relationship, and health needs.

People often seek coaching when they are at an important choice-point in life or struggling with one significant area requiring personal growth and increased insight.

Some examples include:

  • Executive coaching and career coaching
  • Health and healing to optimise physical wellbeing
  • Personal & professional relationships
  • Strategising and managing difficult life stages
  • Unblocking creativity and achieving personal goals

My coaching approach

My approach with coaching is to first deepen our understanding of your personality patterns and strengths, as well as to better understand the unique blocks or barriers to growth you may be encountering. There are important choice-points in our lives (in every moment, hour, day and year) - and the better we understand ourselves, the more likely it is that we can direct those choices towards an upward spiral of growth, rather than having them collapse down into old more self-limiting patterns. 

Book an appointment

To talk further with me or book an appointment Emma please get in touch via my contact page. Coaching is charged at my standard hourly rate of $215. If you are attending for coaching related to your work or business needs you may be able to claim sessions as a business-expense.