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You might have noticed it’s been quite a while since I last shared a post here or on Instagram or Facebook. The past week or so a few people have asked about this, so I thought I’d just share a quick update. I have been increasingly moved the past six or so months to spend…

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The Medicine

The most powerful medicine is usually hard to swallow. In the shamanic traditions it is known that the medicine that will cure you is borne of the poison that ails you. The transmutation of one to the other is the process of healing which requires the inner courage and journey of the true Hero. Medicines…

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Peace that Defies Understanding

Last night I posted a brief comment on Facebook about today’s Palm Sunday rallies being held across the country (and no doubt across the world). I was suddenly moved with the truth of the need for action in the face yet more evidence that most of the hunger, displacement, and disease sweeping through our current…

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I Have Come into this World to See This

I have stolen today’s title from Hafiz: I have come into this world to hear this: every song of stream and rock, every song of tool and lyre and flute… every song the earth should cry with magnificent dignity to know itself… Have you ever had a moment that pressed you against eternity, forever changed? A…

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Happy New Now

I know you’re all aware that the turning of a calendar year, the mere ticking over of a clock, doesn’t necessarily mean that our lives, or the happenings around us, are suddenly about to take on a different sheen or fundamentally change. Yes – it’s a good reminder, a great opportunity, to reflect on what has…

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