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The Medicine

The most powerful medicine is usually hard to swallow. In the shamanic traditions it is known that the medicine that will cure you is borne of the poison that ails you. The transmutation of one to the other is the process of healing which requires the inner courage and journey of the true Hero. Medicines…

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The Humble Truth

The Truth matters to all of us. Indeed it is very difficult, if not impossible, to consciously lie to ourselves. We all like to think that we aspire towards truth and that it guides our most important actions. That is true also of those people who might come to mind who seem to value anything…

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Seeing Each Other Generously

A few recent events have made me want to write about loyalty, and in particular about loyal-heartedness. And given we have just clicked-over into the Chinese New Year of the Dog, I thought what an apt inspiration the dog and all it symbolises could be for us all throughout the year. I’m in the process…

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